Link Lovin’

Lots of web wanderings and finds this week.

Here is a random assortment that captured ADD attention…

I love Julianne Hough’s kitchen


Not sure why this is interesting but it is…


This dress has my spring break all over it! Want THIS, THIS, THIS and THESE too.


7 Fats You Should Be Eating….These Will Keep You Fuller, Longer


A Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipe from Casa Dragones


Buffalo Spinach-Artichoke Dip…Dip it low, pick it up slow


I need this Warhol and luckily it is for sale…


How cool are these lightbulb speakers? 

The Twist Speaker is an adaptive LED light bulb with a wireless AirPlay speaker built in, so you can have great, seamless audio anywhere you can twist in a light bulb. The light and speaker can be operated separately with brightness, color temperature and volume controllable from your iPhone or iPad.


A Guide To Elimination Foods…The Foods You Should Consider Cutting Out


Love this Media Room sofa by Todd Merrill in a room by Fawn Galli!


This Edgy New Watch Is Lenny Kravitz’s Riff on the Rolex Daytona…NEED


How Fasting Affects Your Metabolism

Sliced plate/clock showing 9-5with foods on slice

La Gallina Matta Parentesi Placemats are the best because they are woven of lilac stain- and wrinkle-resistant coated linen. La Gallina Matta’s Parentesi placemat is detailed with a white embroidered double border.


Gotta have this cashmere sweater because i cannot afford this one


These moroccan baskets are fab and cheaper than a trip to the souks…


Currently craving street style


Obsessed with this room


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