Link Lovin’: Thanksgiving Edition

I am in high energy mode to accomplish loads over the next 6 weeks.

Can you believe the holiday season is upon us?

Enjoy my web wanderings and Thanksgiving tips.

America’s Most Glamorous Trailer Park via Sketch 42. Sign me up!


I have found a new to me shoe website. rocks.  Right now it has loads of things I have been coveting for 40% off.  I ordered these sale Golden Goose to put under the tree from me. I want more Chiara Ferragni quirky shoes too.


LOVE this new travel app from “With Love with Kat“. Download on your phone. Great tips for tons of cities.


We just booked a ski vaca to Colorado for our annual Spring break trip.  I am needing a new ski outflt. I really want this One Piece from Sweaty Betty.


Ann Howell Bullard‘s new clutches are A W E S O M E!  NEED ASAP.


Extraordinary Trips That Give Back


Dying to use this Katie Kime Oyster Wallpaper.


Speaking of Katie Kime I want this Banana Leaves Maxi Skirt for my upcoming trip to the islands.


Mrs. Lillian  created a perfect A ‘THANKFUL FOR’ SPEECH CHEAT SHEET.


I also always print these for the family.


Here is some good Thanksgiving Trivia…click HERE for answers.


Have you ordered your Turkey Cake.  It is always a hit.


Making this Punch Parker cocktail from 21 Big-Batch Cocktails To Get Your Family Drunk On Thanksgiving


Making my first Turkey ever! Crazy I know but, I have a huge aversion to bones on my food. I have never cooked anything with bones.  Here is the recipe I am considering. But The Pioneer Woman looks really good too. 

FOOLPROOF TURKEY RECIPE — (20 lbs. in 2.5 hours!)

Although this recipe sounds unlikely, trust me. I’ve been using it for over 20 years, with success *every* time. The turkey comes out perfectly done –both white meat and dark meat juicy and tender — with plenty of flavorful juices/broth for making gravy and stuffing.

— Alice H. Yucht

via (can’t be found anymore)

  1. PRE-HEAT oven to 450 degrees.
  1. Put 15 – 20 lb. UNSTUFFED, COMPLETELY-THAWED turkey into deep (at least 3″ sides) roasting pan. note: if turkey is 20-25 lbs., just add 15 minutes to last hour. if turkey is 10-15 lbs., subtract 15 minutes from last hour.
  1. Pour 16 oz. water or broth into bottom of pan.Cover turkey with aluminum foil (tented, not sealed).
  1. Put turkey into hot oven, set timer for 90 minutes, and walk away.

Do NOT keep opening up the oven to look; that bird isn’t going anywhere.

  1. When timer rings (after 90 minutes), take foil tent off turkey.
  1. Lower heat to 400 degrees, set timer for 60 minutes, and walk away. . .without looking.

Now’s your opportunity to:

— get the stuffing ready in a separate pan to cook after the turkey is out of the oven.

— prepare other side dishes

— set the table

— have a drink with your guests

— run away from home.

  1. When timer rings, take turkey out of oven and remove from pan to rest on cutting board (gathering juices/thoughts) for 15 -20

minutes before carving.

  1. Optional: use some of the turkey ‘juice’ for the stuffing, which you can now put into the oven. The stuffing will be ready by

the time the turkey is carved and ready for serving.

  1. Use the rest of the ‘juice’ from the roasting pan to make gravy.
  1. Enjoy — now, and leftovers tomorrow.

Nancy’s Notes:

Because I like the flavor of the dressing throughout the turkey, I add celery, onion, carrots and poultry seasoning to the cavitity before putting in the oven.


What are your tips?

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