Love Up with Stiles

I have the greatest brand to share that I was introduced to today at The Southern C Summit, Love Up with Stiles.  

The sweatshirts and hats are adorable but, what will really get you is the great story of this family brand.  

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Stiles, the founder.  She even shared the story of the signature heart she designed and the 47 stitches that represent 47 chromosomes.

I couldn’t resist picking up 3 sweatshirts from my girls and myself.   

They are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 

Their Story:

On December 22, 2009 McKinney “Stiles” Robinson was born with Down Syndrome.  She lives in a quaint coastal town in South Georgia, St Simons Island.   The small community has been so supportive of Stiles and her family throughout the years.   She started early intervention therapy at 6 weeks old and currently receives private Speech and Occupational therapies in addition to her school services.  

Her parents, Jennifer & Stan Robinson, found support from other families who had children with Down Syndrome. One specific memory was from a mom who encouraged them to expose Stiles to the same activities and experiences they had with their 2 older children. They did just that despite developmental delays, Stiles has proven that her Abilities are far greater than her Disabilities.  

The beautiful thing about Stiles is that she doesn’t see limitations in her life.  She works hard to reach her goals and has a very positive outlook on life.   Her days aren’t just “good” according to her, they are “great!”  

She is living her best life in middle school as a cheerleader and a basketball player for the Glynn Middle Hurricanes.  Aside from sports she has a passion for singing, dancing and acting.   In the Summer of 2023, she starred as Young Simba in the Golden Isles Penguin Project performance of Lion King Jr.    She is a member of the middle school chorus and this Christmas will sing in the Christmas Cantata with the Chancel Choir at her church.  

Our mission is to enrich lives by sharing limitless love and empowering others to realize their unlimited possibilities.

We have had the dream in our heart for many years to create a family business that Stiles could have a role in building.  We want to share the LOVE of Stiles that lifts us UP on a daily basis.  She brings so much joy into our lives and she has taught us so much more than we will ever teach her.   She is full of Limitless Love and proves we all have Unlimited Possibilities.   Her outlook is positive, empowering and she makes the world a better place!!

 In October 2023 we took the leap of faith and the first step to creating Love Up with Stiles.   It began with Stiles drawing a heart with an up arrow with broken lines to look like stitches.  Her heart has 47 stitches to symbolize her 47 chromosomes.  You will find this heart embroidered on her sweatshirts and t-shirts. We look forward to growing this brand and sharing it with the world!

Thanks for following along and supporting Love UP With Stiles!

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