Artist Spotlight Series: Lulie Wallace

I am plum tuckered out from all the sun, fun, shopping and skiing that spring break has brought.  I wanted to share with you my post for The Southern C this week highlighting a favorite southern artist.  I hope you are as fond of this rising star as I am. 

Lulie Wallace

Charleston, SC

What is your training?

I graduated from College of Charleston with a Studio Art degree

What inspires you and your art?
I feel like I am inspired by about everything around me.  I’m inspired by graphic designers, contemporary florists, patterns in clothing, and I’m constantly looking out for fun and unique color combinations. 
What is your favorite installation of your work or piece? 
I recently had a show at a florist in Charleston where I displayed over 80 pieces of my work.  The florist’s space was super fitting for my work and it was really rewarding to have some many pieces hanging in such a neat space.
How has the south influenced your work?
I really do think of the south as a pretty big bright spot.  I believe warm weather mixed with warm hearted people has affected my personality and the way I approach a painting.
What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston?
Right now, I love this delicious new Vietnamese restaurant called Xiao Bao Biscuit 
What is your favorite cocktail?
A nice cold bourbon and ginger 
How do you balance personal life and work?
My work really comes in seasons.  One month will be totally hectic while the next will be very manageable.  I’ve also realized that being an artist is often very self focused.  You are your own boss and usually working all by yourself.  I currently work out of Redux Contemporary Art Center where I am surrounded by a community of artists that is a very encouraging environment that definitely helps in the creative process.  I also have a very sweet husband and labradoodle that take good care of me and are very supportive of my work.
Dream trip?
Paris.  I’ve visited before, but I could really go again, again, and again!
Dream commission?
I’d love to be commissioned to do paintings for rooms in a neat boutique hotel.  I think that would be really rewarding!
Your favorite hostess gift?
I love a good delicious candle.  My go to candle gift  would have to be from Anthropologie.
Who is your style icon?
Your favorite up and coming artist?
Teil Duncan!  She has started doing some really beautiful nudes that are amazing! Her pieces are available HERE.
What is your most treasured possession?
A necklace that belonged to my great grandmother who I was named after.  I wore it to my high school and college graduations and on my wedding day.

Flowers for Tara by Lulie Wallace , Available HERE

I think this wedding bouquet commision is such a charming idea for a bridal gift. So beautiful. 

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know the vibrant and talented Lulie Wallace as a continuation of my Southern artist interviews.  Past interviews have included Amanda Talley, Selena Beaudry, Kate Long Stevenson, and Michelle Armas.  See that HERE if you are interested. 

I will have the pleasure of meeting Lulie at The Southern C Summit in May.  I hope you will consider joining is in on historic Jekyll Island.

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