Mad for M. Gemi Shoes

It is no secret I have a real weakness for shoes, #shoeaholic.  I often cannot afford my own taste as shoes have approached and surpassed 4 digits for beautiful designer pairs. CRAZY!

I have recently been introduced to an inaugural concept.  Beautiful bench made Italian shoes just like the other brands found in Saks and Bergdorfs but, for a small fraction the price.  M. Gemi is changing the game.  They have created the best quality shoes but are just selling them direct with no middleman or retailer.  Sign me up.  The designs are classic to modern and avant guard.

Serendipitously, I put this piece together and today our college pals / houseguests for the weekend from Boston… walked in wearing M. Gemi shoes and singing their praises. My friend happens to know the owner.  Small world!

This must be a sign of shoes sent from the heavens.  

Enjoy my favorites and so many more…. 

Perfetto footwear for all! 

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