Mad Men Mystique…Season 5 Premier

I am beyond excited for the 2hour premier of Mad Men Season 5 tonight on AMC.  It has been a long 18 month wait.  I am sure it will be worth it.  This show has captivated us with the perfect set design by Amy Wells, sexy characters and dark plot.  It is perfectly cast. January Jones and Jon Hamm are beautiful creatures to watch.  

Elle Decor did an article on the seductive set twice.  The set is certainly a starring character in itself.

Betty and Don's bedroom.  The tufted headboard has seen a resurgence recently. via Elle Decor

I adore this restaurant wallpaper…via Elle Decor

Roger Sterling in his office with a tulip table….via Elle Decor

Betty getting coiffed…via Elle Decor

via Elle Decor

A seductress in a hotel room with Don…via Elle Decor

Don Draper's office…

I love the sectional in the before living room. People would be fighting over that today at vintage shop.

The living room makeover being seen with the decorator by Don and Betty. The chair fabric is current in the Carlton V line.  The pelmets are great too.

A chinoserie china cabinet could be current today.

The infamous fainting sofa scene… the decorator is horrified.

One of my favorite scenes ever was Betty and Don in Rome.  January Jones is such a beauty.

Betty window shopping….

Betty's riding style is so pristine.  Note the Hermes perfectly knotted at the neck. It makes you long for the days when people actually dressed and wore gloves.

Don in California is a feast for the eyes too!

I am going to mix my martini tonight…Are you?