Malibu Barbie Dream House

Calling all  BARBIE GIRLS…

I never played with Barbie much as a child.  As an adult, I hate to say I have watched my fair share of Barbie movies and played lots of Barbie over the past week. Our family vacation was wonderful but, back to real world…

Inspiration comes in the strangest places. I remembered this amazing house designed by Jonathan Adler for Mattel in celebration of Barbie's 50th year.  It is wild and FUN.  It should cheer up a Monday!

Watch the guided Youtube tour HERE.


Jonathan Adler…the mastermind behind this home.

I love the pink poodles…

Artwork made of Barbies

Barbie's boudoir

Full of pink Louboutins….naturally

How cool is the kitchen?

Game Room

Opening Party

Heidi Klum at the party with the Malibu Barbie car…

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