Marvelous Modern Lantern

I have been introduced to the coolest product here at Design Camp.  They are cordless table lamps by Modern Lantern.  The product is just genius. you can be free of cords with rechargeable batteries and LED lights creating an amazing eco friendly and aesthetical pleasing product. I am sold.  

The owners, Carrie and Stephen Fitzwater, are native Texas who are constantly updating their line and have several new designs in the works. Carrie is super friendly and fun. I loved spending time with her and her mother at camp.

There is no reason to cut a hole in your rug for a floor outlet or deal with ugly cords running across your interiors.  This is an interior designers answer to prayer while being environmentally more responsible too. 

cordless table lamps | cordless lighting solutions

We are a premier online retail source that designs and manufactures cordless, battery operated, table lamps.

Our research and development team has combined technology with design to bring you a rechargeable, eco-efficient LED lighting product that will operate just about anywhere.

No more unsightly cords. No unwanted wiring. No expensive electrician to retrofit extra outlets. Just beautiful light when and where it’s needed most. And, all made possible with the simple, high performance, rechargeable battery system that comes with every lamp.

our story

Finding just the right spot for an outlet – or just the right lamp with the right look is rarely easy.  How much simpler would it be to place a lamp where needed, when needed? And, how much nicer would it be to have functional choices with lots of design style? Those are the questions that resulted in the creation of Modern Lantern: cordless lighting solutions that put light exactly where it’s needed most in your home.

Over fifteen years of designing and developing home products and interiors, the husband and wife team, Stephen and Carrie Fitzwater, are now combining their talents to fill the void of ‘what’s been missing’ in residential lighting.

With its patent pending technology, each Modern Lantern is designed, sourced and imported by the Fitzwaters. Then, Modern Lantern's designs are offered directly to you, the consumer. That’s one more reason the Fitzwaters call this a ‘lighting revolution’.

Visit our blog for more personal stories, creative ideas, and inspiration.

where can you use our lamps?

The greatest benefit to our patent pending design is that you can place a Modern Lantern wherever you like in your home.

A dark and awkward hall table with no outlet can now be lit. Your fireplace mantle can now have a pair of buffet lamps. And, the floating entry table that resides without a floor plug can now finally show brilliantly, like it should!

how do I recharge the battery?

About like your digital camera,  click here to view our demo video, it's easy! 

I plan to get these in Charlotte at The English Room very soon.



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  • November 19, 2012

    We loved these lamps at Design Camp!   I am trying to figure out which one(s) I want.  Great for our office. And I heard they are coming out with outdoor lamps as well.  Can't wait!

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