Monday Failures, Jonathan Adler and D. Porthault Sale…

I started my Monday morning with a BANG!  I saw from a Mailchimp email, I had an unusual spike in blog subscribers over the past few days.  I went to Mailchimp to check it out. As I suspected, they were spam followers.  As I was deleting them I was meaning to delete by “unsubscribe visible” but I pushed “unsubscribe all.”  Yep, I deleted my entire contact list of subscribers.  With a few hours of maneuvering, sweating and lots of swearing I think I have it fixed… but maybe not.  

This post will be the test.  

You may get it 0 times, 1 time or 45,000 times. Please forgive me.

I do have a bit of good news.

The annual D. Porthault Sale started today. Their extravagant and luscious linens are the best. I love printed sheets and boudoir pillows. 

Also, the new Jonathan Adler Fall 2020 collection was released today.  There are some fabulously happy and chic pieces. 

Here are a few favorites: 

More Daily Desires:

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