Mother of All Mondays

 Wow! This was quite the Monday.  

I woke up an hour late because Alexa was apparently not plugged in nor were the other plugged items like my phone and watch.  The power strip was accidentally turned off apparently. I raced around to get to the office to accomplish the things I was going to do in that spare hour before meetings. My phone finally had enough charge and ding ding ding rolled in the tests and messages I had missed.  One of the lovely ladies in my office just found out she was potentially exposed to COVID. We decided she should stay home. 

I arrived to the office and fired up the laptop to nothing… not a thing. It was frozen. I rebooted to the scariest screeen ever. A triangle with an exclamation mark… I googled on my almost dead phone and then realized I was in large size TROUBLE. 

A call, a panic attack and a hot flash later I am no longer in possession of a computer that has a working hard drive.  It is fried and gone. Argh… That was my day. I ironically had ordered a new laptop customized to the specifications suggestions of my IT guy. It is to arrive on February 2nd.  So the next week will be quite interesting on my phone and iPad.

I hope you had a better start to the week

 I did find in a few minutes for shopping on the phone. 

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