Museum Collection Floral Tin Enamel Plates

I am going to let you in an excellent Ebay score.

I am loving these fabulous tin plates for my next outdoor dinner party or picnic.  I already bought the tobacco leaf but, now I need another design. And they are a true bargain at $7 a piece! 



Fabulous Tin Enamel Plates – Beautiful Museum Designs from The Royal Collection, The Wallace Collection, The Museum of Modern Art and the Fitzwilliam Museum the Ashmolean and the Victoria and Albert Museum

Take your picnics and camping to a new level

fabulous quality – 

The colours are really vibrant and the gold is amazing

Each plate measures 10 inches or 26 cm across

Here are few of the beautiful designs…


Commemorative Plates from the Royal Collection

 The Madam du Barry Tin Plate

This plate reproduces one of twelve produces at Sèvres, acquired by George IV. They once formed part of a dinner service purchased in 1770 by Madame du Barry, the mistress of King Louis XV of France. The decoration is based around the themes of Love, the Seasons, the Elements and the Arts.


The Victoria and Albert Tin Plate

Made c1840 this Worcester Plate is painted at the centre with the cipher of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It was given to Queen Mary in 1934.


The Sèvres Arabesque Tin Plate

This exceptional plate design is taken from a Sèrves cup and saucer (goblet litron) dating from 1786. Painted on a rich gold ground, the colourful arabesques and dancing classical figures, which were inspired by Raphael’s loggia decorations in the Vatican recall the Sèrves dinner service commissioned by Louis XVI of France in 1782.


The Great Exhibition Tin Plate Coalport

This design is from a dessert service by Coalport. The service was used at the Royal table at the banquet given by the City of London at the Guildhall, to celebrate the opening of the Great Exhibition, 9th July 1851


The Chinese Tin Plate Gothic Sèvres

The unusual Gothic-cum Chinese scenes of this plate are taken from an outstanding Sèvres cup and saucer (goblet litron) dating from 1778/9 which is the only known example of its kind. The scenes may derive from illustrations of a popular novel, poem or play of the time.


The Manchester Tin Plate Sèvres

This plate is from a Sèrves service given as a diplomatic gift by King Louis XV! of France to the Duchess of Manchester, the wife of the British Ambassador to the court of Versailles. The occasion was the signature of the Treaty of Versailles which brought an end to the war of American Independence. The service was acquired by King George IV in 1802.


Basket of Flowers Tin Plate Sèvres

This design is taken from a Sèvres Porcelain Saucer produced between 1775-80 (C397-8). The decoration shows a basket of flowers, including roses, hydrangers, anemones, tulips, daisies and convolvus. The saucer and matching cup were bought by the 4th Marquess of Hertford (1800-70) as part of a Tea Service consisting of a tray, two cups and saucers, a milk jug and a sugar bowl with cover.


Metropolitan Museum of Art Plates

Duke of Gloucester Worcester Tin Plate

This design called “Duke of Gloucester” Pattern is taken from an English Worcester soup plate made about 1780.


Tobacco Leaf Tin Plate

This Design, referred to as the “Tobacco Leaf” Pattern, is adapted from a late 18th – early 19th century Chinese Vase in the Metropolitan Museum’s collection. The original beaker-shaped vase was made in China for the European Market. It is made of hard paste porcelain and is decorated with enamel colours in a variant of the tobacco leaf or passion flower design.

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Fitzwilliam Museum Plates

Isnik Tin Plate

Isnik pottery of the Ottoman period was among the most colourful ever made. This is a reproduction of a fritware dish, thinly covered with white slip, and painted under a clear glaze. The brilliant palette, exuberant stems of flowers springing from a central point near the rim, and breaking wave border are typical of Isnik designs of about 1550. Accession number C.23-1950


Ashmolean Museum Plates

This plate is a reproduction of a saucer made by the Chelsea Porrcelain Factory in London between 1758 and 1769.


Flower Sprays 

This plate is a reproduction of a Flower sprays design taken from a mid 16th century Turkish fritware dish.


Victoria and Albert Museum Plates

White Ground Plate 

This design is taken from a Derby Porcelain Factory Plate, painted by Leonard Lead England about 1830


Pink Butterfly Plate 

This design is taken from a Nymphenburg Porcelain factory plate, probably painted by Joseph Zachenberger, Germany 1760-5. Victoria and Albert Museum London


Purchase or see all the designs of these chic picnic plates HERE or HERE.

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    I would love to purchase 125 plates for a garden party I am having September 3.
    Please let me know if you have stock.

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    I have 2 I’d like to sell…
    Wallace collection London by Elite Gift boxes #C430 & # C430

  • November 15, 2018

    Can I order the museum collection tin plates in the USA.

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