My Gypsy Caravan Dreams

Be still my bohemian heart!  

I have been back from the fabulous Nashville Antiques and Garden Show for a few weeks.  I show itself and programming were amazing.  It is certainly on my winter travel schedule for the future.  But, one thing has haunted my dreams.  The magical East Garden designed by Poise & Ivy of Nashville (with Chad James, Carolyn Elam, Sam Gilleland, Joy Boven, Southern Light, Vinewood Home Creations, Lance Alvis, Sarah Shearer, Robert Cook, Andrea Henry, And Fabu) featured a Gypsy caravan.  Move over Airstream dreams of the past,   I think a Gypsy Caravan is the thing I NEED.  This chic hideaway retreat is my dream.

I have been searching Pinterest and the web which have endless inspiration.

I see a plan forming. This getaway will be the perfect place to write, design, draw and be creative. 


It this not lovely?

I am clearly so drawn to the colorful  exterior…especially the cobalt blue.








Expect more gypsy caravan from me in the future…Here is the plan I hope to have built.

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