New Fabric Introductions : Midnight Garden Collection by Beacon Hill

The Beacon Hill Midnight Garden Collection has some wonderful new gems to add to your library. Here are my favorites. 

Lioness in Emerald

Lioness in Indigo

Lioness watches as the predator stalks her prey, an exotic bird, through a lush tropical jungle. The Beacon Hill design team was immediately drawn to the delicate rendering and elegant animal motif of this artwork. Colorways include: Emerald, Indigo, Teak, Walnut. 

Moon Blossom on Orchid 

Moom Blossom in 

Moon Blossom showcases fantastical foliage ornamenting hills and valleys. The lush detailing of each leaf and flower gives the pattern a hand-painted feel. The late nineteenth century document that inspired Moon Blossom was a pre-arts and crafts panel printed on paper that came from the French textile collector Hamot’s private collection. The artwork is believed to have been created by an artist in Hamot’s studio who came from the prestigious guild of William Morris. Colorways include: Midnight, Orchid.

Hidden Temple in Emerald

Hidden Temple in Indigo

Hidden Temple recalls a traditional chinoiserie pattern, but Beacon Hill’s modernized version has oversized trees and flowers obscuring pagodas and bridges. Inspiration for Hidden Temple came from a late nineteenth century French design, which was originally intended for textile or wallpaper use. Colorways include: Emerald, Indigo.

Enchanted Vine in Emerald

Enchanted Garden in navy

Enchanted Vine displays swooping foliage with wild leaves intertwining. Enchanted Vine’s original source is an early twentieth century screen- printed fabric. The structure of the vine suggests a Jacobean layout whereas the fruit and floral elements reveal a batik influence. Colorways include: Emerald, Indigo, Mint, Navy, Orchid 

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  • May 7, 2013

    OMG! Love the Hidden Temple in Emerald! Hope your install is going well!

  • May 8, 2013

    Feeling pretty obsessed with these. That hidden temple is killing me!

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