Obsession de Jour: Flat Vernacular


I am a wallpaper fanatic.  I love it and cannot get enough regardless of trend. Wallpaper makes me happy. Well, Flat Vernacular seriously rocks my world.  Their designs are A M A Z I N G! The creativity and cool factor are literally off the charts. I mean… the Mrs. Grossman sticker wallpaper is the BOMB! 

Be sure to check out their whole site for sooooo much more!  

Here are my faves but they will custom anything. 

Are you in LOVE? I am…shocker?


flora-softfocus-d flora-softfocus-r toomuchstuff-insitu toomuchstuff-d toomuchstuff-r 042-print-p gildedgarden-r2 gildedgarden-r1 fullbloom-begonia-d fullbloom-begonia-r

The lovelies at Bradley in Atlanta were so kind as to let me drool all over their samples. Thanks!


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