Ode to Gloria Vanderbilt

An ode to a design, fashion, an artistic great and an original swan…

Inside Gloria Vanderbilt’s Family Homes, Filled With Prints, Flowers, and Plenty of Love via Vogue

Artist and designer Gloria Vanderbilt passed away today at the age of 95. In her long and storied life, Vanderbilt was recognized for her impact on fashion and style, as well as her penchant for designing a beautifully whimsical home for herself and her family. She had a signature quote when it came to matters of the home: “Decorating is autobiography.” Throughout the years, she was constantly changing, painting, embellishing, and reconfiguring her houses in New York City and Long Island. It was like therapy for her, a way to express herself creatively when she wasn’t painting or making her signature “dream boxes” in the downstairs art studio of her Upper East Side apartment. Her original homes had quilts and mismatched tiles, life-size family portraits opposite pink velvet seating, and gingham mixed with chintz and wicker furniture. In her most recent home, she’d painted the fireplaces with stars, the tiles in the bathroom with names of her family and friends, and had a chandelier she hung random objects on; changing them from time to time, of course.

Here, we take a look back at some of Gloria Vanderbilt’s most cheerful and imaginative interiors over the years.

Closet Cravings:

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  • June 18, 2019

    Well… How about THAT ? I have said for decades- one’s home is their autobiography! Had positively no idea I was quoting GV … she amazed me as a young teen. A nice long, charmed life she had after a bumpy start & middle….

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