Ode to India via AD

I have had India on my bucket list for way too long.

This house has me speechless and I am ready to book my ticket. Who is in?  

We can go to Bar Palladio to see more of this designers stunning work. 

A Fashion Star-Turned-Interior Designer Lives in This Opulent Indian Apartment via AD


Canopied daybeds soar at decorator Marie-Anne Oudejans’s suite in India’s hotel Narain Niwas Palace. Custom-made lanterns and anglo-Indian-style sofas; Thierry Journo paintings.


Aedo in the living room.


An 18th-century mirror surmounts an Oudejans console.


Vikas Soni painted the kitchen walls and ceiling; Oudejans reupholstered the existing seats with a Gitto stripe.


The bedroom sports more Soni artistry; he also painted the sultan portraits.


Oudejans’s bedroom, where she dressed the bed in custom-made fabrics.


Another view of Oudejans’s bed, draped with floral garlands.


Aedo, a border collie, rests in the stenciled dressing room.


Potted palms shield the entrance to the designer’s terrace.


Oudejans joins Rani, an Indian elephant, and mahout Dinesh Depan


Oudejans with stylist Carlos Mota.

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  • March 28, 2017

    Oh My. I too would love to visit INDIA. I love the clean and colorful sensibilities of Bar Palladio and this home. A wonderful translation of pattern and color in these rooms.

  • September 7, 2017

    Do you know the names of any of the blue paint colors?

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