Oetgen Pictures

John Oetgen has long been a favored designer of mine. I used to help him decades ago when I worked at ADAC in Atlanta. He was always kind, gracious and FUN! I was thrilled to see his photography, Oetgen Pictures,  featured in the latest Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.  John's figure photography is brilliant.  I love the quirky appeal with bold color and great use of light. 

Me: 53" x 80" – 2012

April Fools: 53" x 80" – 2012

Bull Fancy: 24" x 36" – 2012

Lifeguard: 24" x 36" – 2012

Trip to Paris: 40" x 60" – 2012

Bubble Poodle: 42" x 51" – 2012

Mermaid: 60" x 40" – 2012


Are these not fantastically fun?

The photography can also be seen on 1st Dibs at Hagedorn Foundation Gallery.

John in situ via

A favorite room of his from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. Click over to see the whole apartment and an interview with Mr. Oetgen. 

I am in adoration of the black and white marble that are reminicent of The Carlyle…swoon.

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