Organize Your Life with Clever Storage by Kessenböhmer

Organization is not my strong suit  (I know my assistant is laughing at this one).

 I hate to admit but my house looks neat and tidy but, when you open the pantry or my closet it looks like there could be a potential hoarding situation going on. Things are going to be changing.  I was lucky enough to be introduced to Clever Storage while on Blogtour Milan with a divine dinner at their Venice showroom.  The 4 course meal and fabulous conversation was highlighted by an introduction the this diverse line of products for, kitchens, baths, laundry and so much more.

  This lovely sponsor could be the awnser to my mother and husbands problems with me. Kessenböhmer, the parent company to American Clever Storage, makes high end organizational products that are not only functional but built to last and extremely high quality.  

Now, I am ready for a full clever storage makeover in my life!


Clever Storage …Sometimes the simplest things are the most extraordinary. Just as nature exhibits amazing efficiency among its elements, Kesseböhmer strives to achieve the perfect balance between form and function. And after 50 years, you can rest assured, they’ve figured it out. With clever storage that considers convenience for today’s multi-use kitchens as much as it considers capacity.

From the elegance and functionality of LeMans to the space-saving style of Tandem, Kesseböhmer turns ordinary cabinets into extraordinary kitchens. Truly innovative designs with non-slip surfaces, transparent storage and smooth handling that deliver a level of simplicity that is naturally easy to use and enjoy. Everything in its perfect place. Everything within reach.”

Kessebohmer-Title (1)

Here are just a few of the amazing organizational products the Clever storage produces. 






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What a space saver this is!

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This corner unit is my favorite.  The easy access to everything is unreal.  Genius really. 




LF28X3kHD3qHk9BiW74MSP7vmo2n-XkQUOtcmRO9HrA, xgu9lmvyzSneUtQ4GDmnbwZ05F8HOINFmabs08WCs8M




Can you image if you could access all your space with ease?  I know I have so many hidden items that go to waste. it is a fact that better organization leads to less waste and money spent of groceries. That may make you rethink the organization in your kitchen, huh?

Purchase Clever Storage products in the US through many kitchen retails listed HERE

BlogTour Milan and the Venice jaunt was made possible by the generous sponsorship provided by BLANCO America,  Gessi,  Clever Storage by Kesseboehmer,  Dekton by Cosentino, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and Modenus.

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  • May 14, 2014


    I have to check this out – I’m an organizing freak fortunately and unfortunately! Thanks for the info Holly! BTW, I chose your son’s bedroom as one of my ORC fave on my blog! Check it out if you have the time! Have a nice day!

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