Outdoor Fabric Love: Terrazzo Prints by Kirkby Designs

I am always on the look out for chic outdoor fabrics.

More and more often I am using them for interiors as well because you know, life happens as do children, pets and husbands.  

The new Terrazzo Prints by Kirkby Designs are creatively fun and bold, just like I like them. 


A bold collection of graphic outdoor prints featuring five eye catching designs in a vibrant and playful colour palette. Designs include Brick, a large scale geometric reminiscent of a computerised brick wall, Basket, an over-sized, simplified basket weave effect and Point, a graphic chevron design. Terrazzo, after which the collection is named, is an intricate mosaic design inspired by Terrazzo stone flooring whilst Deck, is a contemporary take on a classic deck chair block stripe.









Do you love them as much as I do?

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