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Happy Art Love Monday! I am always on the hunt for pieces for design projects.  I have been dying to place a piece by this […]

Happy Art Love Monday! I popped in Shain Gallery the other day and immediately fell in love with a few pieces.  These crushed can pieces […]

A little Art Love to get your week started… I am crazy about the works of this talented artist I recently discovered. The geometry combined […]

A little Art Love for your Monday… I few months ago while in Dallas I stopped in Blue Print Gallery and Blue Print Store.  It is […]

I have shared this artist before because her work really speaks to me.   It exudes pure joy through her use of color. Bailey Schmidt […]

I am crazy about Sarah Helser’s work in the new show at Hidell Brooks Gallery. Her work has an etherial otherworldly feel that draws you […]

Happy Art Love Monday! I am re-sharing Millie Sims.  Featured HERE in 2018.  This Charlotte native has such fabulous new work at Blue Print Gallery.  […]

A little Art Love for Monday… I am crushing on the colorfully graphic work of Beverly Fishman. I had seen her work a few years […]