Perfectly Fantastic Pared Eyewear

I am dreaming of warm weather and sunny days ahead as I ironically head north to NYC for a fun girls weekend.  I am slightly obsessed with this Australian sunglasses company, Pared.  

How cool are these glasses?

Spring Break hurry up. 


Pared LOGO available in Violent Green stores


The collection is a tribute to the coveted lifestyle of the Rat Pack, mid century modern architecture
and the spirit of Palm Springs in the late 50’s. The collection celebrates the outdoors, the sunshine
and the landscape of this desert oasis.
The collection colours & patterns are inspired by the 50’s, country clubs, swimming pools &
cocktails. The polka dot pattern is taken from the round pavers that were used in the gardens during
this period and the diamond pattern is taken from a tiling pattern found one of the homes of the
famed architect LAUTNER.
The range features translucent acetates in smoke , clear and sun yellow as well as solid chi chi pink
(named after the famous club at the time), navy, leopard, olive and cactus green.

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I gotta have these leopard numbers. 


I hope you have a sunny weekend. 

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