Poesy Rings: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift from Monica Rich Kosann

I had the pleasure of meeting with Monica Rich Kosann on Friday in Dallas.  I was blown away by the dedication to her craft. Photography and jewelry are two of her passions.  The jewelry line she just launched is the perfect gift for Mom this Mother’s Day. I adore the history behind them.

 In fact, I cannot wait to start my collection of Poesy rings...My three would on a black steel chain because it feels very modern. 


Posie rings (sometimes spelled posy,  posey or poesy rings) are gold finger rings with a short inscription on their surface. They were popular during the 15th through the 17th centuries in both England and France as lover’s gifts. The language used in many early posy rings was Norman French, with French, Latin and English used in later times. The quotations were often from contemporary courtship stories or chapbooks and usually inscribed on the inner surface of the ring.[1] The rings were also given to show regard or as a gift.


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Monica also designed a specific Poesy ring necklace for a charity this Mother’s Day!
Designed with the inscription “Love Hope Win” the poesy necklace proceeds will fund Win, a NYC charity devoted to helping homeless women and children living in shelters by breaking the cycle of homelessness.
This limited edition poesy necklace that will be available at select Lord and Taylor stores this Mother’s Day for $100. Please follow this link for more information!
Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.01.48 PM
Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.11.19 PM

The Baby Feet Collection would be a darling gift for the new Mom too. 7fcc3888d5ac9385334513583bed354a

The Monica Rich Kosann collection is designed to offer customers heirlooms for our generation. Their goal is to capture the essence of fashion while maintaining the timeless elegance of design. A woman can tell her story through her jewelry. Living with and celebrating the memories we create each day in our lives is universal to all of us. Monica’s jewelry focuses of these two universal ideas.

A locket captures a unique moment. A charm bracelet tells and celebrates a story of each woman’s life — in that way, it is like a fingerprint, totally unique to that woman. The rest of Monica’s designs, be they earrings, bangles, or maybe just great chains, allow women to express their stories as statements of individual style and self expression. In essence, each woman who wears our pieces is her own storyteller.

Here is a peak at some additional lovelies by MRK. 


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The collection of gold planets rocks…I mean serious cool!




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