Poppin for Office Organization

I am crazy for Poppin. This organizational company that spans from paper goods to furniture is a terrific find. We could all use a little organization, right? I know I am more likely to keep myself organized if it is aesthetically pleasing.  Poppin certainly is that.  You can shop by color or by category.  They also provide customization or access to work stylists to walk you through all your needs for your business.  A special gift of a free notebook with purchase is available for my readers HERE. Be sure to use my links to get the gift.

Here are some "Shop by Color" examples…

The bundles are a great value.

I am loving this ping pong table / conference room table.  It could be used as a dining table too.

The English Room may be personalizing some items for the future.

I am crazy for these colored chairs in the furniture category.






These are just a tip of the items offered at Poppin.

all images via Poppin.com

The best part is that they are a wonderfully philanthropic company building schools for children living in poverty. Shopping is a win-win!

They also offer a 10% discount for submitting your email. Be sure to take advantage of that one time discount. I am going to do a whole home office and work overhaul with Poppin.

Get organized with Poppin people!


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