Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

Cold weather is coming to most of the US this weekend.  This cute SALE shearling would keep you warm. 

THIS is dreamy and defines me but no Large:(… please someone find for me. …or get one for yourself in all the other sizes.  I saw at Bergdorfs and it is so much better and shown here. 

Tory Burch SALE is good. Wanting THIS, THESE and THESE (Also quite winter friendly). Tory Sport SALE is also good. Apres SKI must have with THIS & THESE.

Gucci Look earrings are hot.

I am wanting this dress for a dressy event but don’t have the event yet so I am abstaining. Yay for me and my restraint! 

Want a pair of these for my mountain house.

I need a new small wallet because I stopped carrying my big one over a year ago and have all my stuff in a little needlepoint pouch.  I LOVE this one. 

I buy these super sale monogrammed towels en bulk each year. My people ruin towels.. and lose them. 

Finally bought THESE that I have long coveted from Veronica Beard SALE. Love this and these too.

I REALLY LOVE THESE but wish they would go on sale…I think they would complete me. 

TIBI SALE is big. Wanting so many things including THIS, THIS and THIS. 

Spring Break is soon.  I love this suit in the 1piece and bikini. Love THIS, THIS , THIS and THIS for easy breezy dresses. THESE are the do everything sandal! 

Need new slides for spring… THESE or THESE

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I ran out of space for selections above for the formatting and am adding my health and beauty separately…

Heard great things about this lipstick.

THESE & THESE are highly recommended to ward off colds.

I have been using this cream all winter. Only thing that is working to keep me from my dry skin taking over! Expensive but a little goes a long way. 

What are you wanting these days? 

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