Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

Fall gave us a few tastes of cool mornings and I love it! 

I am ready to bust out the fleece and boots.

Anthropologie has 20% off EVERYTHING today.  I am looking really hard at THESE, THESE, THIS and THESE.

Loving THIS neon & neutral fleece. Really wanting this hat too. 

Walmart has brought back Scoop.  They are really trying to step up the fashion game.  I really like THIS, THIS, and THIS.  I would even feel bad when it gets cover in horse slobber and dog hair. #horseshowchic

I’m home for the last weekend in the foreseeable future.  I am gonna sleep late Sunday in my favorite PJ’s.  Thinking about adding THIS and THIS to the growing collection. A dear friend recently gifted me these cuties that are also super comfy! 

What are you coveting for fall?  

Here are my recent wants, desires and must haves…

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