Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

I am headed to High Point Market and I haven’t bought all the cute outfits i need for stylin’. I do have good sneakers so that always helps.

My laptop is dying a slow death. I basically need a full run through the fruit stand. Wanting this big boy real bad! I don’t need but sure would like this apple too. Oh and I have wanted THIS for ages to draw on amongst other things. 

Anywho, I got it bad for Farm Rio brand. I love the prints, layers, color… Wanting THIS, THIS, THIS and every dang thang! 

So many holiday parties are around the bend.  Here are the formal gowns and cocktail dresses I am currently craving:

I am trying it up my self care game. I run too hard 90% of the time.  Sleep can’t be purchased but it too is on the list with more H2O. 

There are some great Safavieh deals for furnishing your abode:

The stuff dreams are made of…:

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See & shop my Lacefield Designs Textile & Pillow Collection… FYI my Jaipur Pillow is back in stock. Grab it before it goes away again.

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