Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

Wow!  It is COLD, freaking cold, like really cold!

We are at a horseshow in Raleigh, NC in the rain all weekend. The dedication this sport takes is unreal. 

Other BIG news is that we got a PUPPY! 

We finally found the next addition to our pack through Lucky Pup Rescue in Greenville, SC.  We have adopted a female Jack Russell Terrier puppy that was named Flora but we named her “Pickles”. I hate to not be there this weekend but she is getting bonding with my husband and her new sisters, Waffles & Maple.

I know it is indulgent to want all these things before Christmas but a girl can’t go around naked or out of style. I need thinks for holiday parties too. Duh! This chair makes me want to snuggle by the fire. Had to grab a few items from the HUGE Shopbop Sale items including THESE, THIS, THIS and THESE

Here are my weekly wants:

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