Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants


Why do we always look forward to Friday. Shouldn’t we enjoy every day?

Anywho, Violet and I have been on a skin care kick with the amazing ice roller, we ordered these foot peels and I am considering a skincare fridge from my vanity too. I adore THIS coral one. 

I bought THESE to replace some old favorites. They rock!  Also love THESE and THESE faux leather cropped flares. I prob wear a version of this look 3 days a week in the winter. 

As you may know, I am on a combat boot kick.  I just found THESE. SWOON.

THIS hot sauce was a Christmas gift from a client.  It is the best thing I have encountered in a long time. I literally put it on everything!

OBSESSED with THIS shearling. 

I gave Violet THIS (pink and yellow) & Gigi THIS jacket for Christmas.  They are the softest, cutest steal I may have ever discovered. People stopped V all over NYC and have messages me on Instagram wanting to know the source (it is RANDOM).  I HIGHLY recommend.

Happy shopping!

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