Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

How has another week gone by?

I’m so happy to have my son home for 2 weeks for Spring Break.  

We are doing 3 college visits and our ski trip to Colorado where we meet up with my eldest daughter too. I love having our band back together.   

I am excited to break out my latest Perfect Moment (more HERE) gear.

There are so many good sales:

At Shopbop I am needing THIS, THIS, THIS and THESE

Currently Coveting THIS, THIS, THIS, THESE and THESE at  J. Crew.

I am wanting THIS & THESE at Banana Republic 

I am wanting THESE, THESE and THIS at Gap

Dermstore is having a great sale! Needing THIS, THIS, THIS & THIS

I bought THESE booties on a whim last weekend in Fort Worth.  They are comfy, inexpensive and chic! #Winning

Happy Shopping!

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