Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

We did it!  Another week at home and we all survived it.  

I refuse for this to be the “new normal” yet I am adapting.

I do as much work as I can, exercise more than usual, cook way more than usual, sleep way later than usual, and spend serious amounts of family time all while being healthy. I can’t complain!

I also have spent a huge amount of time on the internet shopping / perusing. Everything seems to be on sale.  The finds are abundant and I have tried to keep them more reasonable priced.  

I have bought lots of H & M this spring and LOVE it all including THIS (for Easter at Home), THIS, THIS and THIS.

I am still NEON and Tie Dye nuts too wanting THIS, THIS, THIS, THISTHESE

THIS puzzle would certainly entertain.

Gotta have THIS outfit!

Here are my latest finds:

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