Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

It has been a helluva week!  

It got real…My children had LICE.  Yep, LICE, all three of them.  It was not a fun thing to get rid of but I am so beyond grateful for a local service, Nit Nabbers that comes to your home and treats them. I have purchased Rosemary & Mint shampoo for all and Rosemary Repel spray to keep the critters at bay. I pray this never happens again. It is so gross!

I have had to partake in some retail therapy to distract from my ghost itching. I bought this dress for the perfect summer night dress. And, if you are wondering about the wetsuit, I saw The Shallows movie last night with my kids.  Beautiful Blake Lively spent 2 hours trying to dodge a shark in a cool wetsuit. I need to be her. 

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