Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

I am en route to Fort Worth for a fun “Moms” weekend with my TCU daughter and son.  

I am so excited to see my son’s band, The Broken Arrows, play tonight.  I haven’t seen them perform yet.  He came into this world singing and hasn’t stopped.

My daughter and I have our shopping list ready for some fun.

We are soon to embark on a few bathroom renovations at our house.  I love the simplicity of these medicine cabinets.

Craving new Sunnies with THESE  or THESE.

I head to Egypt next week and am packing in a carry on!  

Packing cubes and travel pouches are a MUST!

I ordered a few Gap finds for my trip with THIS, THIS and THESE

My many weekly wants:

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  • February 25, 2023

    franki Parde

    That GAP shirt is in my cart…gosh it’s cute! EGYPT…eeek…two of ny girlfriends just sent photo of kissing a camel…SMACK!! franki

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