Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

I have made it to the last of Indoors season for horse shows at the National Horse Show.  We have a little less intense shows for a while as the year ends.  Whew… my nerves can’t take it. 

I am looking forward to releasing my upcoming gift guides and holiday outfit and entertaining posts too.  There are so many good selections. 

The weather in KY and NC has been COLD. I love the sweaters and coats and boots I have been rocking. 

On my coat wish list are THIS THIS definitely THIS and THIS

I do actually need a pair of cute yet utilitarian cold weather boots that wan walk in horse poop.  THESE or THESE are in the running.  

I am all over baggy pants these days for ease and comfort… THESE, THESE and THESE are in constant rotation.

Have you checked out the EMILY HENDERSON × RUGS USA collaboration. Its great! THIS and THIS are my favorites. 

Obsessed with the lacquered shades from Dressing Room Interiors. 

My many weekly wants:


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  • November 4, 2023

    franki Parde

    LIFE IN THE FAST LANE!!! Enjoy it NOW!! franki

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