Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

We have had a week!  

We had to put down an older dog which broke our heart. Then within 24 hours a VERY VERY special horse that my daughter showed for a few years died unexpectedly.

It is real heartbreak hotel situation around here.

Animals are a gift to be cherished.

Anywho…distraction in the form or retail therapy.

The Net A Porter Sale is unreal… Stop me from buy THIS. 

The Clare V sale is so good.  I am contemplating THIS and THIS.

The Matches Outlet is so so good. I bought THIS and THIS

Spanx has me ordering THIS and THIS for V Day, embroidered too.

Want a diet tip?  Buy some non-stretch jeans… I have 2 pair of Levi’s  that I love but they are a true test of wills.  No need for a scale because non stretch jeans keep you honest and look chic. I have THESE and THESE both on sale. I am contemplating THESE. 

I love THIS off the shoulder top.

THIS dress is fire. 

THIS darling set has been added to my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. 

My many many wants:

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  • January 20, 2024

    franki Parde

    Always a pleasure! franki

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