Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

I am in NYC again for a quick jaunt to see Hamilton.  

It was UNREAL!  Sell you car, house or kid..Buy a ticket and go immediately. It is worth it. I was blown away. I want to go again and again and again.

We have also don’t a lotta shopping and eating.  I picked up these fab boots at 50%, THIS amazeballs coat at 70% off online (cause they only had Barbie’s size)…then by mistake i racked up and bought THIS (RL had tons in store on 5th but sold out online) THIS, THIS.


I also am thinking I need to copy my friend who got these perfect and practical black boots.  They really are the the perfect heel height to wear all day but not too high.  Chic and simple with style defines Rag and Bone. 

Couldn’t resist THIS passementerie embellished beauty at Bergdorfs either. Oh…and these shoes at Barneys on super sale…they are for market…that means it was business….right?

I also got LOADS of compliments on this clutch. People must have thought it was an Edie Parker. Moon and Lola for the win! 


Polo Bar was beautiful as expected and packed to the gills at 10:30 pm when we had our reservation. Crazy!


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