Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

The Shopbop sale ends I did my order after lots of contemplating. I went for these, this, this, and these cute cropped jeans.  Still trying to decide on which one of these? Should i get these?

Was shocked by this new collection.  There are some gems for a steal. 40% off you purchase when you sign in

How about the new Gap embroidered pieces, love! My top picks are this, this and this. Get 40% off with code FORYOU.

Tuckernuck has some great new arrivals including this and one of these.  I am coveting this red blouse very badly. I am on a red binge. Can you tell?

MUST HAVE this floor lamp

Book club:  I am preordering this, this and this. My friend Julia’s book is coming out soon too. It is going to be stupendous!

This antique charm bracelet is DIVINE!

As soon as I hit the lottery, I am buying this beauty. 

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