Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

Wow! Back to the real world I go.  I am kinda dreading the next 7 days.  We are en route home from vacation.  

I have to in the next 48 hours pack 3 kids for camp for a month, do/go to a horseshow on Sunday, drive to the mountains for camp drop-off and prepare for 3 client installs this week in Charlotte and in the mountains.  That is a lot to do, even for me! No more of THIS for me…

How do I prepare you ask?  Internet shop of course.  

Tory Burch is having a HUGE sale where I picked up this bag. Coveting these & these too. I am ordering Rosé scented deodorant. Madewell’s big sale grabbed me and made me order this, this, this and this (for my new Nantucket basket bag) all on SUPER SALE.

Happy weekend shopping!

I am so thankful for the most wonderful week spent on Nantucket.

 Next trip is Quebec in mid July.  I have never been so all recomendations very welcome and appreciated. 

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