Reviving the Bed Tray

Mother’s Day breakfast in bed had me thinking about the lost art of the bed tray. Growing up I so fondly remember my grandmother having breakfast in bed with her pretty Satin bed jacket.  When I was sick as a child I would often be served in my room on the bed tray.  I always loved that.  It felt so special.

I do not have many people offering to make me breakfast in bed on a regular occasion but, a girl can dream.

I need a bed tray in my life in order to stay prepared should the occasion present itself… 


Breakfast Bed Tray with Reading Rack


Reese Folding Bed Tray


Baolgi – Breakfast Tray – White


Bamboo Folding Tray


Lacquer Breakfast Tray, White


Lacquer Breakfast Tray, Navy


Scalloped Wood Breakfast Tray


acrylic bed tray 

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