Rug Love: Chinese Art Deco

Chinese Art Deco rugs have captured my heart recently.

I was searching for one in a very specific size for a client and came upon so many lovely colorful beauties I thought I must share some favorites.  

But first a little history on the style…

“Antique Chinese carpets have a very long and distinguished history that is largely independent of rug designs from the Middle East. Often related more to the tradition of silk textiles, Antique Chinese rugs and carpets were produced in medallion as well as allover formats. These tend to be more open and spacious than Oriental carpets from the Middle East . Often they contain prominent pictorial elements – trees, clouds, mountains, dragons and arious animals. Colors are generally soft with emphasis on blues, golds, and ivories.

However, twentieth-century Chinese rugs could at times be quite spare in design, catering to modern western or Art Deco taste, and quite radical in color. The most recongnizable rugs from the 1920s and 1930 were made by Walter Nichols, and American who manufactured deco carpets in Tientsin. They were usually made of wool and the finest silk while depicting exotic asian flowers and birds in very rich, bold colors like magenta, turquoise, emerald and ruby. In contrast to earlier Chinese antique rugs, twentieth-century Chinese Art Deco rugs can be quite spare in design, catering to modern western or Art Deco taste, and quite radical in color.”


Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Pink_China_40-3298

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Gold_China_40-3129

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Red_China_40-2479

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Green_China_22764

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Fusha_China_22645

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Purple_China_22417


Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Green_China_22266

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Yellow_China_22161

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Gold_China_22089

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Green_China_21815

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Pink_China_21517

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Coral Red_China_20834

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Pink_China_20734

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Ivory_China_19892

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Fuschia_China_19347

Chinese - Art Deco Rugs_Chinese_Other_China_19032

Feel free to reach out if you need any more info or pricing on specific rugs. 

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