Shagreen for Shark Week

Shark Week has my family glued to the TV.  If you are not watching you are missing out.  Watch the one about a 38′ Great White in South Africa called Submarine, The Shark of Darkness: The Wrath of Submarine. You may never touch your toe in the water again.

I do love a shark…on my furniture and accessories. Shagreen typically refers to the skin of rays, sharks or dogfish, all of which are cartilaginous fish with a smoothly pebbled texture. It has been used for centuries as a mild abrasive, like sandpaper, in smoothing wood and metal.”

 Here are some divine shagreen pieces I would welcome into my interiors. 

Dwell Studio Shagreen


Odin+Side+Table+in+Ivory+Shagreen Milo+Coffee+Table+in+Shagreen DwellStudio-Stig-Desk DwellStudio-Reade-Etagere Andre+Side+Table
Klein+Coffee+Table+in+Grey+Shagreen DwellStudio-Jacqueline-Side-Table

Mr. Brown Home Shagreen…

Belmondo_Silo Figaro_side_satsuma_B Odette_espresso 3_0 Odette_bedside_storm_shagreen Ferdinand_mirror_Silo Scarpia_sfs_Silo_0 Lorenzo_side_table Storm_Silo
Lido_storm_table_Silo Odette_chest_espresso

Julian Chichester Shagreen

tribecahallway PtolemyChest

Happy to help with pricing and info on any of the above sharky items.  Give me a shout.

Here are a few more goodies….



Happy Shark Week!


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  • August 16, 2014

    Oh yeah, Shark week is in full swing here! Genius concept…a friend of mine posted on Facebook a statistic that while Sharks kill 5 people a year …sweet faced cows kill 100…whats next…cow week!!!! xooo

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