Southern Artist Spotlight: Teil Duncan

Finding and highlighting artists that I like is a favorite thing to do.  Last week people were raving about the Lulie Wallace post for The Southern C and much attention was focused on one of her favorites artists that she kindly introduced us to, Teil Duncan. I am crazy for her nudes series.  I decided this can be like the "SIX Degrees of Separation" for artists. I hope to keep the game of tag going…



Teil Duncan

Charleston, S.C.. 

What is your training? 
I got my Bachelors of Arts at Auburn University. 
What inspires you and your art?
I am highly inspired by other artists. Some of my favorites right now, (to name a few) are Brian Rutenberg, Mark Horst, Ray Turner, Ursula O'Farrell, and Alex Kanevsky. I am also very entranced by light! It may sound cliché, but I stand by it. It's the number one quality I look for in images to paint. 

What is your favorite installation of your work or piece? 
 My favorite installation of my work is in  Columbus, GA restaurant, E.p.i.c. (see photo). I was commissioned to do four pieces to fill the space, and I am honored to have my work amongst such beautiful interiors! 
 How has the south influenced your work?
Growing up in the South has motivated me to produce something beyond your everyday local landscape and portrait. Although these subjects can be beautiful and certainly worthy of being portrayed on canvas, there is another world of patterns, color, techniques, and materials to explore and introduce to this region. Perhaps if I had grown up in an extremely progressive, fast-pace area, I would be less motivated to bring something new to the table. 

What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston?

That is one of the hardest questions… Right now, I would say Butcher and Bee. They never let me down, and it's one of the few places where I always feel comfortable trying something new! 

 What is your favorite cocktail?

My favorite cocktail is a White Russian. Next best thing to a milk shake.

How do you balance personal life and work?
I try to keep my work hours as normal as possible, which is still a great challenge. Having the freedom to do what I love for a living, and also to be on my own clock is SUCH a blessing! The tricky part is on both ends of the spectrum- getting motivated to work while the beach is calling my name, and giving myself a break and not working every Saturday and Sunday. I'll forever be striving for that balance.

Dream trip?
I can quickly tell you, give me three solid months to do the whole New Zealand-Fiji-Austraila tour. One of these days…

Dream commission?

I don't have one particular dream commission in mind at the moment. I would just love to see my paintings continue to live in many beautiful homes that compliment them.

 Your favorite hostess gift?

Tulips! Or any cheery flowers will do!

Who is your style icon?

Style icon.. for a while, it was Sienna Miller. She kind of disappeared from the scene, but I still love her look even a few years later. I also love Gwyneth Paltrow's style. She's a classy lady. 

Your favorite up and coming artist?
She recently purchased a nude and I noticed she was an artist herself, so I looked her up and was so inspired that a great artist like her was interested in my work! Had I known who she was before the purchase, I would have proposed a trade! 

Ouch 1 by Alexis Walter 

 What is your most treasured possession?

I have two answers for this. My first response is a very old T-shirt with a photo of my dad in neon 80's attire,  surrounded by balloons. There was never really a purpose behind why a friend of his made this twenty years ago, other than the fact that he enjoyed making random T-shirts for his friends. I never wash it so it will be preserved. My second answer (a more practical treasure) is my great-grandmother Teil's pearls. 
I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Teil. I have a feeling we will be seeing lots more of her!
Follow her rise on Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagam and her website.  You can own a piece of your own HERE.



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