SUPERB SALE: Lulu Dk Dinnerware

Back in 2011,  Lulu DK did an exclusive with Neiman Marcus and Horchow for Dinnerware.

I drooled and fretted but never purchased and because I am waaaaaay long in the china department. I will not divulge the number of sets…EVER.  Anywho, I was researching dinnerware for a beach project and what did I find but a SUPERB SALE for 2 of the 4 patterns in a VERY surprising place.  


I am still trying to talk myself out of ordering the hydrangea but, it is really hard to reason with a shopaholic.




I mean maybe if I just did 12 dinner and salad plates to mix with my white?…What could that hurt?HydrangeaDinner

Do you NEED it like me?

You know what is really sad?

I have known about this for months but, have not shared with you readers because selfish me was worried it would sell out before I got my fix.

Girls, I do believe I might have a problem. 

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