Sweet Silhouettes and Weekend Update

Our weekend was a lazy one in the mountains. We walked, slept, lounged, and went out with friends for good fellowship, food and wine.

We finally hung the silhouettes I gave Marshall for Christmas a few weeks ago in our Linville bedroom.   They are by Jennifer Levine, a local Charlotte artist. She truly captured our children.  They are VERY reasonably priced and can be done in any color.  If you are interested in her work you can contact me for her email.  She also is a talented painter.  Her work is shown locally at Slate Interiors

Here is a shot of them in the room.

The recycled fabric elephant is a happy addition.  He did move to the dning room. The entrance was feeling a bit match with all the elephants.  So cute, right?

How beautiful are the flowers my mother put together for me for a party I had Memorial Day weekend?

Obsessed with that big red poppy with the purple center…

My outside pots look great…give them a little time with me and I will surely neglect them.

The new twig planters seemed like a great idea on the side of the road…they seem to grow by the time I got them home.  I went simple with ivy and asparagus fern.  The cherubs are a family joke.  They were there when we bought the house.  My husband wants to burn them but 
I told him they are beautiful (they are hideous). Not sure if I would put anything up there…maybe bare is beautiful in a FEW cases.


  • June 18, 2012


    Your Linville house looks

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