Terrific Textiles: Seema Krish

“Seema Krish occupies a very special place in the fabric and design world. Born in Bombay, she is steeped in the old-world ethics of hand-made craftsmanship, ancient tradition and extraordinary color. But she is also a contemporary artist. Seema studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, has lived in the United States for fifteen years, and has a modernist’s eye for innovation, technology and how we live today. The results, for us, are remarkable fabrics that bring an unusual beauty into our lives and design work.” Michael Wollaeger, Editorial Director,  Interiors magazine


Seema Krish is known for her ‘Modern Traditional’ aesthetic in the medium of textiles.


In her San Francisco studio, she creates contemporary textile designs that are combined with traditional textile making techniques.

She finds inspiration for her unique visual vocabulary in living between two cultures- East and West.

In our hectic, technology-ridden world she creates thoughtful textiles that speak of the maker’s hand. The quiet gracefulness that she brings to her life and work serves as a reminder, take time to savor and appreciate beautiful things, but don’t get too attached. Her design philosophy is about bringing life into living…





And a few favorites.

Worli was one of the original 7 islands that constituted the city of Bombay. Today it is one of the most bustling business areas in the city. 
Lovingly embroidered by hand. This fabric takes a day to embroider 1 yard!
Worlineelanjeer Worlipatharparrot
Mahalaxi is a neighborhood in Bombay that houses the famous Mahalaxmi temple. Goddess Mahalaxmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth.
Lovingly embroidered by hand. This fabric takes a day to embroider 1 yard!
Breach Candy is a high-end ocean front residential neighborhood in Bombay that curls around the Arabian Sea.
Lovingly embroidered by hand. This fabric takes 1½ days to embroider 1 yard!
Gramercy Park is a charming neighborhood with tree-lined streets and historic townhouses. It is home to the only privately held park in Manhattan.
I hope you have enjoyed the beautiful creations of Seema Krish as much as I do.  See all the textiles here and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.  

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