Textile Tuesday: Alexis Walter Maison

I have such exciting news to share!

New Orleans-based, nationally acclaimed artist and dear friend, Alexis Walter has officially launched her first fabric line, Alexis Walter Maison. 

The first installment of Alexis Walter Maison is now available and is influenced by shapes from Walter’s personal garden and hues from her pastel-colored impasto and watercolor paintings.

Alexis Walter Maison includes 9 patterns, each with 4 to 8 colorways. All patterns are available by the yard to consumers and the trade. 24×24 pillows and cocktail napkins are also offered in Alexis Walter Maison patterns.

All fabrics are 100% Belgian Linen and available in one yard increments with a one yard minimum order.

Patterns and inspiration include:

Treillage – The leaves of the espaliered jasmine growing outside of the doors of Alexis’ studio inspired this pattern

Nuage – Inspired by the billowy pastel hued clouds found in Alexis’ watercolor landscapes

L’Herbe – Influenced by the shapes Alexis paints to represent grass in her watercolor landscapes

Dotted Swiss – Influenced by shapes and hues found in her watercolor paintings

Cecilia – Inspired by the seedlings that sprout each Spring in Alexis’ garden and is named for the precious pup who loves to dig them up.

Stitch – When painting larger watercolor landscapes, Alexis uses the shapes found in “stitch” to represent the movement of air.

Seersucker Alexis used the dashes found in some of her watercolors to create soft stripes and added occasional contrasting dashes, just as she does in her paintings.

Pique – Uses the circles and dots found in her watercolor landscapes to create a spin on one of her favorite fabrics

Pauline – Inspired by the delicate flowers found in Alexis’ garden and watercolor paintings. Pauline is as sweet and petite as the puppy it was named after.

A lifelong southerner, Walter’s career has unfolded organically and was embraced quickly. She is heralded by interior designers who appreciate that her work can be the compelling focal point in a muted room, or a subtle complement to bold pieces within a busier aesthetic. Many use Walter’s modern art to put an updated spin on a room of antiques. Walter foresees her fabric line offering a similar solution.

I have always loved playing with color palettes and shapes to create patterns in my paintings. This exploration, coupled with my love for interior design, has inspired me to connect the dots and create a fabric line, explains Alexis Walter.

Here are my personal favorites:

For more information visit  Alexis Walter Maison.

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