Textile Tuesday: Antelope by Old World Weavers

A classic is reborn in new colors for this Textile Tuesday.

Old World Weavers ANTELOPE FABRIC was originally designed for CARPET and introduced by STARK CARPET IN 1970, Antelope has come a long way! Instantly adored, the Antelope design was adapted into a coordinating fabric and introduced into the Old World Weavers line in 2013 in two naturalistic colorways. Mimicking the beautifully organic markings of an Antelope, the pattern has proven to be a timeless favorite!

With the recent update to Antelope’s construction as a cut velvet, there is no better time to expand and add new and bold colors to the offering! Saturated and dramatic, these new colorways speak to our desire for a world filled with color, pushing the range from naturalistic to decorative!

Personally, I am smitten with the raspberry! 

Daily Desires: 

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