Textile Tuesday: ILES ENCHANTEES by Pierre Frey

Happy Textile Tuesday! 

I saw new intros today from Pierre Frey today in an email and I am smitten! 

ILES ENCHANTEES collection is a beautiful escape to the shores of the Pacific whose islands fill our imagination. The mere mention of them brings up heavenly images: being rocked by the movement of the waves, diving into the crystal-clear waters of a lagoon, enjoying the scent of flowers or contemplating the horizon in the shade of coconut trees.

Rangiroa – Drawing by Véronique Villaret composed of cut out papers whose silhouettes evoke the Polynesian vegetation. Available in bright or earthy colors, it is printed on an elegant mat linen laminated on non-woven backing.

Tahaa – A subtle play of checks gives rhythm to this very sophisticated jacquard, highlighted by fringe in sunny colors.

Tuamotu – Originally woven in coconut fibers, the weaving of basketry and long fringes of Polynesian costumes inspired this embroidered stripe on linen with contrasting colors and reliefs creating a generous balance.

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