Textile Tuesday: Ken Fulk’s Designer Dogs

Pierre Frey and Ken Fulk have created an unreal collaboration!

Designs by Ken Fulk

Pierre Frey met Ken Fulk for the first time in 2008, in San Francisco, when he visited him in his offices located below the loft where he lives. Renowned for the creation of unforgettable events, this atypical character imagines fantastic decors with an indelible imprint. Spontaneous and ultra sociable, Ken opens the doors of his universe to Pierre and the magic happens!

Here is a favorite… 

Loyal and beloved companions, dogs are undoubtedly Ken Fulk’s favorite animals.

In a nod to the happy pack that his studio The Magic Factory in San Francisco hosts, this linen print on painter’s canvas features sketched portraits of his four-legged companions. DESIGNERS DOGS can be used as decorative seating or curtains.

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