Textile Tuesday: Vaughan Textiles

Vaughan has exquisite embroidered nd printed textiles.

These tribal based beauties are cartable in my current interior projects. 

Selendi Embroidered Linen – Based on a Turkish Ottoman textile, this embroidered linen has a bold design. The pattern is produced in a single colour to create a striking visual effect.

Sivas Printed Linen – Based on a Turkish Ottoman textile, the vibrant rusty red tulip printed pattern is repeated across the textile.
Trabzon Embroidered Linen – Based on a classic Ottoman design, the abstract pattern and combination of stitches gives the textile its organic flowing form.

Balotra Embroidered Linen – Based on a scrap of Greek textile we admired, this embroidered linen is distinctive by its intricate floral design. Stitched in a single colour, the pattern is delicate and carefully sewn so every petal, stem and leaf is defined.

Mosul Embroidered Linen – Based on a classic Ottoman design, this embroidered linen is a reinterpretation of the original pattern and colour.
Jarogo with Chitral Embroidered Linen Border – Based on an 18th century original found in an antique shop in Tangier, this embroidered linen is centred around a distinctive, botanical motif. Carefully stitched in a combination of two green hues, it echoes the aesthetic of designs found in the Swat Valley region.
Milas Embroidered Linen – Based on a 17th century textile bought at auction in London, the vibrant flower motif is scattered throughout the design, giving the textile a fluid organic look.

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