The Birkin Basket

Jane Birkin clearly possesses that certain “je ne sais quois.”

She was the it girl of France that inspired the eponymous Hermes bag.

Her style has been envied for decades and now we are all copying her again with the latest basket bag trend. 

Jane Birkin And Her Daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg In Nice In 1972



The Birkin Basket from Lindroth Design is the latest summer must. 

ORANGESMALLBIRKIN_01--IMG_1050_1200--OrangeSmallBirkinBasket--1242282050 TANBIRKIN_01--IMG_1050_1200--SmallBirkinBasket-1047970735 BLUEBIRKIN_01--IMG_1050_1200--BlueSmallBirkinBasket-831831413 REDBIRKIN_01--IMG_1050_1200--RedSmallBirkinBasket--590790984

How does one choose color? 

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